Human Resources

General information


To support the Company's business strategy by recruiting, developing and motivating people, the Managing Board in the adoption of business decisions relating to human resources and the employees in achieving the business excellence.


To achieve the organizational excellence by ensuring the possibilities for growth, well-being and enrichment of both the Company and its employees


  1. Ensure quality staff, motivate, educate and develop them to perform well and contribute to the fulfillment of the organization's goals.
  2. Provide professional assistance and programs to the managers in their successful HR management, in order to achieve the organization's goals.


The HR management function unites the operations and tasks relating to recruitment, selection, education and other activities in connection with staff development. To ensure quality staff, motivate, educate and develop them to perform well and contribute to the fulfillment of the organization's goals becomes a key managerial task and function. We are aware that even the best organizational plans and strategies may not be realized without it.
The differences between successful and unsuccessful companies and managements are in their treatment of the people and practices in human resources management.
The quality of our HR management determines our overall organizational successfulness.

Careers Careers


There are no vacancies at the moment. You are, however, welcome to apply if you consider yourself motivated, competent and knowledgeable enough to contribute to the Company's success.

The ideal candidate profile:

A highly motivated individual striving to achieve excellence, open to changes and ready for continual personal development.


College students wishing to complete their practical education in a financial institution or are interested in a part-time or seasonal work are encouraged to apply.

Staff Development


Introduction of annual interviews and performance evaluation:

  • enables unobstructed exchange of team and individual goals
  • determines the role of each employee in the overall success of the organization
  • facilitates transparent rewarding for one's achievement (performance) and the methods used to accomplish the results (competences)

By doing so, we wish to:

  • ensure a higher degree of efficiency in the management of human resources
  • ensure accomplishment of the Company's goals using the annual interview as a motivation
  • draw the attention of the employees and their superiors not only to the results, but also to the ways of achieving them
  • ensure employee development through identification and development of business competences
  • ensure clear and unambiguous exchange of expectations between the employees and their superiors
  • connect individual desires with the organization's needs
  • ensure relevant information for the employee career planning


In the contemporary work environment it has become increasingly clear that continuous education and training is one of the most efficient ways to achieve the competitive advantage. Education becomes an absolute requirement not only for the development, but also for the survival of the business and a most important investment in one's own future.

All our employees are afforded the possibility to receive permanent education and gain professional and personal development skills. For that purpose, numerous in-house workshops are being organized, while many employees attend undergraduate and graduate studies and curricula at renowned Croatian and foreign schools.